Friday, November 30, 2012

MWW 40: Хорхог (Боодог)

The REAL Mongolian Barbecue


a dish of roasted meat - “Mongolian barbecue” 
In Genghis Khan’s time it was qorqaγ.

Also known as боодог, horhog is the real Mongolian barbecue, not the stuff you get at “Mongolian Barbecues” in the States. (Fun Fact: BD’s is the only American chain restaurant to have set up shop in Mongolia, although it’s simply called “BD’s Barbecue.”) It is sometimes also described as being like Irish stew. Хорхог is usually made with goat meat, but it can be made with lots of other kinds of meat, including marmot (тарвага - see Mongolian Word of the Week #65). It is often enjoyed outdoors during summer parties. This is how хорхог is made:

1.      First, find some nice palm-sized rocks.
2.      Make a big fire and drops the rocks in it.
3.      Get a big empty milk or water can. It should be about the size of a goat.
4.      Stuff the dismembered goat in the milk can, along with some potatoes, carrots, and the hot rocks.
5.      Seal the milk can and put it back on the fire.
6.      Wait a long time, then pop open the can and enjoy!

The milkcan
Manly Mongol men making a meaty masterpiece in a milkcan
Once the the meat is dished out, the hot rocks are too. People will take the hot rocks and hold on to them as long as they can, passing them back and forth from hand to hand but never putting them down, trying to keep from dropping them as long as possible. Apparently, your luck increases in proportion to the time you can keep from dropping the rock.


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  1. I have to say it does look good even if the method of cooking seems a bit dicey