Saturday, March 8, 2014

Deel Day

Today I had the opportunity to take, not a shower, but a full immersive bath. I thought I saw bruises on my leg, which turned out to be just dirt coming off. When I was finally finished, the water was brownish grey and there was a ring around the tub.

Anyway, last week my school had National Costume Day. It's had an entire deel week before, but the past two years we only had one day. Everyone had to wear to wear a deel, and any other traditional hats, boots, and other things if they had them. Since I wear a deel almost every day anyway, this wasn't too different for me personally. However, in the afternoon we had a ceremony for all the teachers, staff, and students to parade around in their best Mongolian wear.

As a bonus, I present this diagram of a deel, courtesy of our school's технологийн багш.